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Versatile and sensible – these two words perfectly describe this model. The XCR is lightweight and agile, suitable for both long journeys on paved roads and off the beaten track. XCR Handcycle was created with cross country use in mind. It is a lightweight and fast handcycle, featuring high quality components, aluminium frame, hydraulic disc […]


Innovation! That one word says it all about Quantum. It combines the best features of the XCR model coupled with the latest technology which enabled us to design the most innovative handcycle in the world. QUANTUM handcycle not only has full suspension of all wheels but also an ability to lean in to the turn […]

Explorer Ultimate

EXPLORER ULTIMATE… these two words perfectly illustrate what this model is. EXPLORER is in a class of its own, ULTIMATE means something best, something ultimate. This is EXPLORER ULTIMATE A combination of the best of everything, all the years of experience, history and heritage that has been created over the years of our work. In […]


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